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Welcome to the Home with God
online course

It is impossible to live or to die without God,
but it is not impossible to think that you are.

If you think that you are living or dying without God,
you will experience that you are.

You may have this experience as long as you wish.
You may end this experience whenever you choose.

This extraordinary online course, based on the and Barnes& #1 bestseller, Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends by Neale Donald Walsch, is a breathtaking explanation of the death experience and what to expect when we pass to the other side.

The online course revolves around the 18 important Remembrances sited in the book. Each Remembrance is covered in detail inside the course and presented through three different mediums to help you better understand the principles behind them.

You will find:

  • 115+ exercises to help you absorb the essence of the material from the course by journaling your personal understanding of them.

  • 20+ audio recordings of Neale Donald Walsch expressing in his own voice the principals behind these Remembrances.

  • 10+ flash movies that express the wisdom of the material through beautiful movies where we combine text, photographs and music. An inspirational and magical experience for your heart.

Listen to Neale's introduction to the Thirteenth Remembrance below:

neale listen to audio

This course is a definite must for anyone who has lost a loved one or for anyone who has a fear concerning the death experience.

In the course you will discover that death and birth are one and the same. Unbelievable as it may sound at first, this makes perfect sense after reading the Thirteenth Remembrance.

In addition to the 18 Remembrances, we have created two special sections that highlight the key points of the course as follows:

Key Concepts - In this section of the course you will find information on the following:

  • Sequentaneously
  • Space and Time
  • The Marvelous Applorange Metaphor
  • Tools of Creation and Levels of Experience
  • Suicide
  • 100 Word Formula For All of Life
  • Corridors of Time

Spiritual Insights - Contained within this section of the course you will find all the inspirational flash movies that are scattered through the course. Titles include:

  • Home with God prayer
  • Path of life
  • Religion
  • Purpose of the Soul
  • Language of the Soul
  • Divinity
  • The Holy Trinity
  • Physical Life
  • Perspective
  • Perception
  • 100 word formula for all of life
  • Billy
  • If you understood

The material in the course is presented through metaphor in simple, accessible language that describes the nature of the journey upon which we are all embarked. An example of this is reflected in the edited flash movie below titled "The Marvelous Metaphor"

Order the course at the special price of $39.95.

Neale Donald Walsch's new book is a breathtaking explanation from God about the death experience, and what to expect when we go to the other side.

It is my deepest belief that anyone who has ever had fear around death will receive great relief after reading this book. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who misses a loved one who has passed on. I feel you will receive a great deal of relief and inner peace from this book. This book is PERFECT for anyone who currently has a terminal illness. The entire book seems to guide you through the explanations in the most real and loving way.

This is an OUTSTANDING book that I recommend from my heart. The subject matter goes into ultra fine detail, and there is not a dull moment in the read.

Thank you, Neale, for your extraordinary contribution to humanity!

This book deserves at minimum 10 stars!

Barbara Rose, Ph.D.
author of Know Yourself: A Woman's Guide to Wholeness, Radiance & Supreme Confidence and If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer!

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There is NO risk and only a greater understanding of
your journey Home with God to gain.

In many of the Remembrances you will find audio clips from the Forever with God audio CD. Click on the audio button below to hear one of the audio files in the course. This audio file is from the Sixth Remembrance.

Forever with God
Forever with God listen to audio

You may stop or pause the audio using the controls above

Order the course at the special price of $39.95

A Cultural perception of death

The diary of Theodore Roosevelt showed a large black X on February 14th, 1884. On that day, both his wife and mother died. While he cheered up in the coming years those who knew him always believed he was haunted by their loss. The kind of loss, most of us fear, especially those of us who are parents.

Death has always been a closed-door subject for us. Culturally, there's a denial of death. However, for some reason we possess a great hunger to confront the reality and inevitability of death; as sooner or later we will lose somebody dear to us, for we feel loss is what it means to be mortal.

So it's no wonder that contemporary civilization puts its own big black X on the page when it comes to death. The nature of our culture today is that people really don't know or have ways to proceed from this experience.

Well, you can erase the X you have placed on the subject for:

There is Hope!

There is Love!

And, most importantly there is an explanation.

For this course explores, at a greater depth than ever before, the process of death and dying, and the life hereafter. The dialogue at one point journeys into territory lying at the farthest frontier of spirituality: the cosmology of all life. It offers a breathtaking glimpse of Ultimate Reality, presented through metaphor. It reveals in simple, accessible language the reason and purpose for living, the nature of the journey upon which we are all embarked, and the extraordinary end to that journey—an end that turns out to be not an end at all, but an ecstatic interlude in a glorious and ongoing experience, the full description of which staggers the imagination.

This online course is also for those who wish to help another. What do you say to someone who is dying? How do you comfort those who go on living? What can you tell yourself at these moments? These are not easy questions. So you see now, why you came here - to remember the answers!

The destination is the same for all of us. We are all on a journey Home, and we shall not fail to arrive there. God will not allow it.

That is, in three sentences, the message of the entire course.

Always and all ways,

Neale Donald Walsch

Order the course at the special price of $39.95


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